There was much excitement in Pre-Prep on Thursday with the long awaited Sports Day taking place! A variety of different events were held in the grounds of Clarke House, and children from all the different year groups took part in the hurdles, football dribble, bean bag balances, sprint, standing jump, accuracy throw, and rugby ball touch. A rest area was set up with drinks and free time for each year group in turn, so everyone had a chance to ‘recharge their batteries’.

We were so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm from everyone – pupils and teachers alike – and were blessed with dry weather for the duration. In the end, we announced the winning house…with a total of 599 points….it was Hall House! Henry and Elsa-Rose held up the trophy and everyone cheered.

Chef Jeff’s catering team provided beautifully crafted biscuits in the style of medals for everyone at the end, as they said everyone was a champion for taking part and trying so hard. We have to agree – it was indeed a champion kind of a day.

Written by Miss Roberts