A group of Lower Sixth students visited the Prep School today to give an inspirational assembly.

The group of 5 girls and 3 boys dressed up in outfits of their chosen future profession. Nikhita and Yasmin would like to go into medicine, whilst Sal would like to be a medic in the Marines. Erin is an elite athlete and aspires to compete in the Heptathlon. Orla and Arush are aiming towards careers in Engineering. Aidan is interested in a career in the arts such as performance or in the media. Emily had a slightly different message, as she isn’t yet sure what she would like to do. This in itself was an important and powerful message to convey to the young audience; that it is ok to be unsure and take your time to decide the right path. The overarching message of the assembly was that it doesn’t matter who you are, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to!

This was followed by a role play about boys and girls being kind and supporting one another. There was a Question and Answer session with the Prep pupils asking some really interesting questions. They were most interested in the trips at the Senior School – where they went to and for how long. They were also intrigued by the variety of subjects you could choose from. They also asked, what is the best thing you have done? Aidan and Orla were the lead roles of Danny and Sandy in the recent production of Grease which was definitely their highlight!

Mr Leighton also asked a great question, what advice they would give to the younger girls? The answer was clear – that you can be whatever you would like to be. There are no limits to what you can achieve.

The final message was be kind, build good friendships and support each other. This is the first of many assemblies by the Sixth Form aimed at inspiring Prep pupils. We also plan to have Sixth Form girls as buddies or “Big Sisters” helping our girls to be confident and aspirational on their journey through Birkdale.