Last week saw the Prep School come together for their annual sports days at the HSBC sports ground in Dore.

Firstly it was the Prep pupils who took to the field, with a carousel of activities including running, throwing and jumping. Teams were made up from pupils across the year groups and everyone gained points for their House total. It was a lovely afternoon enjoyed by pupils, parents and staff. Hall House were announced as the winners to rapturous cheers and applause.

The following day it was Pre-Prep’s turn. The structure of the day was the same with each pupil earning points for their House. It was a great atmosphere with our P4 helpers encouraging and supporting the younger pupils. The overall winning House for Pre-Prep was Heeley.

Thanks to everyone who attended. The pupils of all ages were incredibly impressive with a positive attitude and got stuck into the task in hand. Above all they had fun and demonstrated our School values: Respect; Humility; Integrity; Courage and Compassion.

Prep Sports Day

Pre-Prep Sports Day