Christian Ethos at Birkdale School

Birkdale is a Christian School which warmly welcomes pupils of all faiths and none.

From its earliest days, the school has been established on an evangelical Christian foundation, based on the authority of the Bible and the teaching of the Christian message of good news, and these continue to be essential to the school’s identity today. The Christian faith is therefore evident in the life of the school community through the governors’ oversight, the senior management’s leadership, a clear Christian witness from within the staff, and through every aspect of the school’s culture, including the safe environment for pupils to explore matters of faith.

In particular, we aspire for Birkdale to be a community where:

  • Christian pupils and staff are encouraged to grow in their Christian faith through Bible study, prayer and practical service
  • all pupils have the opportunity to hear and explore what Christians believe, as the gospel of Jesus Christ is explained in age-appropriate ways
  • the practical outworking of the Christian faith is evident in the running of the school, in particular through the upholding of Christian values within the culture of the school, through Christians holding key management roles, and in the school’s exceptional pastoral care
  • it is safe, normal and encouraged to have open debates about religion and faith, and especially to consider whether the Bible’s accounts and claims of Jesus Christ are trustworthy and reliable
  • pupils of all faiths and none are welcomed warmly and, whilst not requiring anyone to say or sing something they do not believe, all are expected to take part in the Christian assemblies and other activities of the school.

Both the Prep and Senior schools have a Chaplain, a role which has many faces; a listening ear for pupils and staff, organiser of Christian meetings, events, trips, assemblies, prayer meetings, support to the senior staff, Heads of Section and Form Tutors as well as actively promoting the gospel. The Senior School Chaplain is Mr. Paul Jones and the role is shared around various members of staff at the Prep School.

The school has a half-termly prayer meeting for current and past parents, staff and Governors, with the sole aim of committing the life of the school to God, giving him thanks and praying for up-coming events. If you would like more details then please do get in touch with Mr. Jones.

The school also has links with a variety of local churches and other national Christian organisations who are a great support and encouragement to all we are seeking to do.

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