Email System Move – August 2022

We have migrated the school email from our old system to Google mail. You should now use the new system to access your email:


New email system

(All staff and students, except last year’s U6, should use this link)


Your email will continue to be delivered to both old and new systems until the end of August, but Sent Items will only be saved to the system you send the messages from. For this reason, you should now use the new Google system and only access the old system if you have a problem.

If you are not familiar with the Google Mail client, then there is a guide to finding your way around it here.


Now that your email has been migrated please use the New Email System link to access your email. If you have email on your phone, it will still look at the old system. You need to remove the old account and add a new Gmail account using your school Google login. Instructions for doing this can be found in this pdf document.

Old U6 (21/22) students

Your email will remain on the old system until w/b 29th August 2022 (i.e. over a week after A Level results day). Please continue to use the old email system until then.


Old email system


Prep School

Senior School

Sixth Form

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