Birkdale has a good reputation for the appearance of its pupils. Uniform at Birkdale is intended to be distinctive, but of a straightforward design.

Clear guidance on uniform is contained in the Birkdale School Uniform List, and parents are asked to support the school by ensuring that pupils have the right garments and that they wear them neatly. Pupils should normally be in uniform on arrival and departure from school, and for all school activities. Hair styles should be neat and tidy, free from extremes, and above the collar for boys. We strongly recommend that our parents read our Expectations of Pupil Dress and General Appearance.

All pupils must have all their garments (including underclothing at Prep School) clearly marked with name tapes to reduce loss and discourage borrowing. Shoes should be marked with a name tape attached with a special adhesive or with a permanent marker.

Where do I purchase Birkdale uniform?

Uniform lists for the relevant sections of the school are in the Birkdale School Uniform List,

Prep School

Senior School

Sixth Form

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