Peace Garden School Classroom Complete

The temporary classrooms at the Peace Garden School in Nepal have now been finished. The classrooms have now been built inclusive of concrete floors, before the arrival of the monsoon rains so that the pupils can now have their lessons in a safer and securer environment as seen in the photos below. Alongside the new big bamboo tent, there is now …

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Progress for the Peace Garden School

Due to the on-going structural problems with the Peace Garden School, temporary classrooms are now being put up. The main aim is to get the children back to school and to ensure their safety whilst in their lessons. Tarpaulin shelters have already been provided, but with the forthcoming monsoons the concrete floors planned for the temporary classroom …

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Aid Bought by Nepal Fund

Detailed here is a summary of some of the purchases made by our contacts in Nepal recently. “We have so far supplied food, bedding, shelter, zinc, tin sheet, a water tank, medical support and clothes in Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Sindhupalchok, Sindhuli and Jugu, Dolkha and Kaski. Our second cycle of help will be helping people to rebuild …

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Latest from Nepal – 30 April 2015

We have now received photos from Mike Lock, our contact in Nepal, that shows many of the buildings that our own students have visited over the years have indeed been badly damaged. Bungamati village has been very badly affected. This is the village that the children live in that go to the schools that Birkdale help each year. Read more »

Helping in Nepal

Below is a report from Mike Lock who evidently is doing a wonderful job in Nepal. Clearly all the money raised through Birkdale since the earthquake first occurred, is being spent wisely and thoughtfully related to the priorities in hand. ‘Things are going well now; we are still getting little shocks but they are not causing any big pro …

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News From Nepal

May 13th Our friend Janak Tuladhar in Bungamati has reported back about the Triatna Cooperative School. The school, (one of the three with which we have been directly involved over the years), was badly affected by the first quake in April and deemed unsafe for use. Plans were immediately undertaken to relocate the school and to build a “temporary …

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Birkdale Students Work With University Engineers

A public lecture was held recently at the University of Sheffield, where the Birkdale team reported on the successes of their recent expedition to Nepal. In addition t …

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Funds for Nepal Continue to be Raised

Sheffield High School has very generously assisted Birkdale with their efforts to raise money to help those affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal. Below is a picture of Finn Healy, Head Boy at Birkdale Prep School, accepting a cheque from two pupils from Sheffield High Junior School which was specifically raised to support the Nepal Disast …

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Second Earthquake Hits Nepal

Following the disastrous second earthquake to hit Nepal we have had this email from Mike Lock who explains how much aid is still needed: ‘We are a bit back to square one; the things we have done with your money have been a great help, especially now with this second large quake. Lots of the houses in Bungamati and in Kokhana that were cracked but s …

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Latest News Updates from Nepal – 11 May 2015

Extracts from Mike Lock, Birkdale's contact in Nepal: 8 May ‘Yesterday went well; we travelled by Jeep for about 2 hours into the country to an area that had not received any help. We took 200kgs of rice and 50kgs of dahl to help 25 families in a very small village. Most of the people coming to carry the sacks back to the village were young wome …

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