Myth Busting

I talk to a huge number of prospective parents at this time of year as families ponder the choice of secondary schools for their sons and daughters to enter next September. I usu …

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Numbers and Stories

The usual clichés of the exam season are all too apparent; pictures of smiling, blond female (usually) students, brandishing pieces of paper of uncertain provenance and shrieking with …

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Open Access

A new report by the Social Market Foundation for the Sutton Trust, a well-respected charity with interests in social mobility and education, caught my eye last week (Read more »


Speaking to parents of students departing from the Upper Sixth is a fascinating experience. For some of the parents it is quite a reflective and poignant moment as they have bee …

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Creative Subjects

One of the highlights of this stage of the academic cycle is seeing the tangible results of a year’s worth of effort by students in the creative subjects. Dazzling exhibitions in Art …

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Grading Exams

Details about the new GCSE and A level courses continue to trickle out ( …

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Charitable Giving

Schools have many duties to their students. One obligation would be to help them understand the lives of other human beings in different places and in different cultures across the world. …

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The echoes from the UK’s rather modest performance in the PISA tests, and in Mathematics in particular, continue to reverberate. The often excellent Simon Jenkins recently produce …

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A Good Lesson

A teacher nearing the end of their career at Birkdale will have taught around forty thousand 40 minute periods (many as double lessons), and taught perhaps four thousand dif …

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Brains and Learning

It seems an obvious truism that teachers should embrace new insights from neuroscience into how their students learn. Increasingly sensitive and sophisticated scanning techniques see …

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