Peak Students?

Some eye-catching statistics have come out over the last couple of weeks in connection with university entrance. The number of people signing up for degree courses has risen rel …

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I greatly enjoyed attending the Prizegiving evening of a Sheffield primary school this week. The palpable sense of ambition and pride in achievement radiating from pupils, parents and …

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I have just bid farewell to the U6 yeargroup. Hopefully the students will spend the next few days in further independent revision before showing their best form in the exam room afte …

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I have spent some time marking Extended Projects this week and it has been an absolute pleasure. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) has been one of the few great examination …

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DT stands not for Diphtheria and Tetanus or Delirium Tremens but for Design and Technology. I was intrigued to read recently that DT is apparently in national decline and threatened by the cur …

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Observing Lessons

Observing lessons is fraught with difficulty. At Birkdale, in common with most schools, we ask anyone being interviewed for a teaching job to teach a lesson. At first sight this …

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What Makes Great Teaching?

At school in the early 1980s one of my favourite teachers was the magnificently named Dr Cattermole who taught Chemistry with spectacular flamboyance. A man who seemed to have bec …

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True Grit

The Department for Education has launched an award for the best character education in schools (Read more »

Appeal? Might As Well

The revelation that the number of individual enquires about GCSE and A level results rose by 48%, this year compared to 2013, with a 42% rise in the number of grades changed, over the sa …

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Full Circle

One of the few benefits of advancing age is that the duration of my teaching experience is now comfortably greater than the time needed for educational reforms to be introduced, reviewed …

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