Physics Olympiad Success

Many congratulations to U6 Physics students Mayuran Visakan, Rishin Madan and Michael Wang who all achieved Gold in Round 1 of the 2018-19 British Physics Olympiad. They all received the prize of the book ‘Storm in a Teacup – The Physics of Everyday Life’ by Helen Czerski. Rishin also achieved a score which placed him in the top 100 nationally …

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Sleeping Dragon 2018/19

Our U6 Economics students have produced an insightful publication called Sleeping Dragon. Students have researched and analysed a wide range of topics such as: The truth about Brexit; The Impacts of the Trade War between the US and China and Are there any solutions to the UK's Housing Crisis? to name but a few. Do take a look at the quality of work prod …

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Study trip to Paris

30 students and four members of staff spent the early part of half-term on a study trip to Paris. Students stayed with French families in elegant Versailles, immersing themselves in French language and culture. The trip was action-packed with visits to the Stade de France, the opulent Château and gardens of Versailles, the Picasso Museum and the intere …

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Alan Turing Cryptography Competition

Congratulations to members of Team 'CheesyPeople' who have won a spot prize in Round 3 of the Alan Turing Cryptography Competition. The boys had to crack a coded message hidden in a poster, introducing them to the secretive world of stenography as an encoding method. The difficulty has been ramping up with each new chapter and the boys did well to solve …

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Blood Brothers

S3 (Year 9) drama visited Sheffield's Lyceum Theatre recently to watch Willy Russell's Blood Brothers. Blood Brothers is a musical and is a contemporary nature versus nurture plot. It revolves around fraternal twins Read more »

Weizmann Safe-Cracking Competition 2019

Birkdale was represented by two teams in the national final of the Weizmann UK Physics Safe-cracking Competition 2019. Since last September, 12 of our L6 students have spent many lunchtimes in the lab and workshop to design and build safes which require Physics-based puzzles to be solved in order to break in. The ‘Birkdale Fortress’ design utilised …

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You can Bank on Birkdale!

As reigning champions, Birkdale School hosted the Northern Schools’ Final of the Bank of England Target 2.0 challenge. The challenge involves teams presenting their view on what interest rate and level of quantitative easing, along with any other aspect of monetary policy should be set in order to meet the Government’s inflation target of 2.0%. P …

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Nepa19 Preparations Underway

The Nepa19 training weekend took place at Castle Dyke last Friday night. 42 Nepa19 members were preparing for the three week service and charity expedition to Nepal, which departs on 26 March. The preparation incorporated: camping overnight on the floor; sharing and preparing breakfast and lunch; creating teaching plans; fundraising; trekking; jungle …

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Code-Cracking Challenge

Congratulations to the members of code-cracking team "Dirk Bale's Holistic Detective Agency" who competed in the Southampton University Cipher Challenge. The team wrestled with a variety of coded messages using ciphers that ranged from simple Caesar encoding through to a brain-bending keyed Vigenere cipher. The team came joint first in the 'A' challe …

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Oxbridge Success

We are delighted to extend our congratulations to six Birkdale students, who have received offers to study at Oxford and Cambridge next year. At Oxford - Ruhan Aziz (Biochemistry), Tom Doyle (Physics), Rishin Madan (Physics and Philosophy). At Cambridge, Kene Ezi (Mathematics), Mayuran Visakan (Mathematics), Michael Wang (Maths and Physics). We wi …

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