Art at Birkdale Prep School aims to be both visually and intellectually stimulating and makes a vital contribution to the school curriculum. Art lessons begin in Pre-Prep 3 (Y2) with a specialist Art teacher in a dedicated Art room for half an hour per week. This increases to 1 hour per week as they enter Prep (Y3).

Pupils are encouraged to explore materials and processes and to develop their creativity and imagination. They will be faced with decisions and will need to experiment, explore and make discoveries of their own.

Each project undertaken will incorporate drawing as a starting point; they will explore the work of other artists and will be encouraged to discuss openly their ideas and their work. They will explore and develop their own ideas and reach a final outcome. Competitions and exhibitions are entered locally and nationally.

Everyone keeps a sketchbook. They are encouraged to use this to personally develop their own ideas for art work, although a wide variety of media are used to record ideas including: drawing, mark making, colour photography and ICT. A personal and individual response to a theme is always encouraged and pupils are able to take risks in a safe and structured working environment. Art at the Prep School culminates in an exhibition of work, held at a local independent venue.

There are also extra opportunities with a popular Art Club and Photography Club. The Art room remains open during lunchtimes for pupils to develop class work or focus on independent learning.

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