Complementing the PE curriculum is a program of Games aimed at boys of all abilities. We feel strongly that our pupils need to learn the importance of working with others to achieve a common goal and embrace the challenges that team sports provide.

Whilst certain constraints can apply, our aim is to ensure that every boy, should he so wish, is given the opportunity to represent the school in competitive sport. This is something we have achieved regularly in the past three years and travel to schools in York, Nottingham, Manchester, Hull and Leeds in order to achieve this.

We pick teams based on ability to ensure matches are competitive and that boys receive and strive towards a level of competition that suits their aptitude and development.

Fixtures regularly take place in Rugby and Cricket, but there are also opportunities to represent the school in Swimming, Cross-Country and Football.

Boys also experience competition in the form of the House Sports Cup, which has events in Rugby, Football, Cricket, Athletics, Cross-Country, Swimming and Basketball.

The sports programme is delivered by experienced, passionate and highly-qualified staff, ensuring all abilities and levels of enjoyment are catered for.

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