Boy Centred Learning

At Birkdale Prep School we value every boy in our care as a unique individual, each one on their own learning journey. The back-drop to this philosophy is our commitment to a boy centred learning environment.

We understand what boys are. Our highly trained and experienced teaching staff know how a boy is ‘wired’, the ways in which they can learn best and how to create a learning environment that is suitable for their needs; building on their strengths and utilising the way in which boys interact with the world around them.

Compared to a co-education classroom, the noise level may be a little higher, the activities a little messier and the opportunities more varied; yet, underpinned by our core principles boys are expected and encouraged to always ‘have a go’ in a safe and secure environment.

Our school syllabus is focused around the concept of getting boys ‘doing’. All subjects are taught using a ‘practical’ curriculum, whether that is ‘skills work’ in Pre-Prep (Reception – Y2) or making model ‘siege-engines’ in Prep 4 (Y6).

Academic Excellence

Meeting every boy’s requirement to be challenged and switched on to learning. There is no ceiling to the learning at the Prep School. Whatever the level your son is at teachers will be pushing him onto the next level. Intellectual curiosity is always rewarded.

Smart Targets

Boys can be the masters of minimalism. We continually challenge boys through the use of smart targets (time limits, word limits, scores, levels) to meet challenges successfully and raise the level of expectation.

Clear Boundaries

Boys need to know where they stand. Through straightforward rules and expectations the boys are encouraged to grow into respectful young gentlemen; understanding that the way they conduct themselves has consequences.

Controlled Competition

Boys need the element of competition. At Birkdale we are proud of our house system that encourages the boys to collect house-points and pursue individual targets as well as to think and work as a team. Competitive fixtures appear in sports and academic subjects as well in creative areas through our festival of music and performing arts.

Boy Time

Boys need time and space to run around. Built into the timetable, break-times and extra-curricular activities are opportunities to exercise their physicality. The playground is equipped with adventure areas, the sports facilities are an excellent resource and there are a large number of sports clubs on offer as the boys progress through the school.

Quality Relationships

Boys are not always good communicators of how they are feeling. The quality of relationship between staff and other boys provides boys with the security they need to be successful, even when they get it wrong. Pastoral Care is central to life at Birkdale. Inspectors describe this as ‘outstanding’ and ‘excellent’. (See Pastoral Care).

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