The Drama department is well resourced including numerous props and costumes. The boys are encouraged to develop a love for a variety of different genres within Drama by having the opportunity to create, perform and evaluate in each topic. In each year the boys learn 3 different aspects of drama developing their skills within the subject. The curriculum has been re-written at the start of the academic year 2016/17 and they will be evaluated at the end of each year to ensure that the curriculum is always up to date and engaging. The topics studied have been chosen to engage the boys and provide them with an exciting stimulus throughout their Drama journey.

The lessons focus upon developing 3 main skills – facial expressions, vocal expression and body language. In every lesson there is a chance for the boys to perform the skills they have learnt helping to develop their confidence. Pupils are rewarded for using the ‘working walls’ with key words displayed for each subject and giving positive and constructive feedback to their peers. Pupils are also encouraged to reflect on their own practice and evaluate what they have learnt and what they would like to improve at the end of every topic.

In addition to providing the boys with weekly drama lessons. We also offer numerous extra-curricular activities. A weekly Prep 1 (Y3) and separate Prep 2 (Y4) Drama club offers a chance to play a variety of games developing all of the important performing skills using the voice, face and body language. We also try to develop creativity by using improvisation as a way to create short pieces of drama. We also have a yearly production that is open to all year groups to be part of. Here we encourage the boys to prepare a short audition which we think is another way of developing the boys’ resilience and confidence. Another performance opportunity for Prep 4 boys is to be part of the Birkdale Shakespeare Festival, a cross school production where Pre-prep, Prep, Senior and Sixth Form pupils of Birkdale come together perform a selection of Shakespeare plays, monologues and soliloquys.

Where possible we take trips to the theatre as we feel that it important for them to see live professional performances, which would inspire the boys to get more involved in the arts. At Birkdale we are passionate about providing the boys with a well-rounded curriculum in Drama to ensure that they have best opportunity to thrive and achieve.


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