Drama plays an important part in school life throughout the Prep School. In Prep 1 and 2 the boys have 1.5 hours per week and in Prep 3 and 4 they have 45 minutes per week.

The Drama department is well resourced, including numerous props and costumes available to use. The curriculum is reviewed annually to ensure that it is always up to date and engaging. The topics have been chosen to ensure that we provide them with exciting stimuli throughout their drama journey here at Prep School.

The lessons focus upon developing three main skills – facial expressions, vocal expression and body language. Throughout the year, they study three topics based on a skill, text or theme.

Where possible, we take trips to the theatre, as we feel that it is important to see live professional performances. We are passionate about providing a well-rounded curriculum in Drama, to ensure that they have best opportunity to thrive and achieve.




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