Geography in the Prep department covers a wide variety of topics key to the world we live in, underpinned by core skills required to enjoy the subject.

Care is taken to provide a balanced programme of physical, human and environmental Geography topics.

Geography is taught by subject specialist teachers for 3 periods per week throughout the Prep department.

  • Skills based learning which develops mapping techniques, a knowledge of the world through the use of atlases and maps, as well as fieldwork techniques are studied throughout the four years in the Prep department.
  • Pupils experience a number of trips and fieldwork opportunities including a River Study and Environmental Pollution Survey.
  • In Prep 3 (Year 5) all boys are offered the opportunity to take part in the 4 Day residential expedition to the Lake District. Prep 3 (Year 5) pupils also work towards the Environmental and Conservation based John Muir Discovery Award.



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