Learning Support

With the demands of the curriculum some boys need that added support to help them with their learning. Our department screens the boys after 2 terms and this can highlight any areas of learning which are not in line with general development.

Some boys are invited to join a small group in Pre-Prep (Reception to Year 2) to help them with aspects of literacy they find difficult. Others benefit from a one to one system where a programme can be developed to meet their individual needs.

Some boys take on Learning Support for a short period, perhaps two terms. Others need longer. In all instances particular emphasis is placed on developing and maintaining the boys self image. The department has an open door policy where pupils are able to come and ask for extra help as they feel they need it.

Key Facts

  • Boys are screened using COPS (Cognitive Profiling System)
  • System is based on either one to one or small group support
  • Individualised learning programme for each boy
  • Regular links are maintained with outside agencies
  • Specialist teaching for boys with dyslexia and dyspraxia
  • Emphasis placed on developing boys self image
  • Open door policy to support boys with all work including homework

Mrs Edge – Learning Support Co-ordinator (Prep School)

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