Physical Education is a very important part of life at the Prep School, with all pupils receiving at least three hours of PE, Swimming and Sport per week, delivered by our specialist PE teacher.

The curriculum has a strong focus on developing physical literacy and fundamental sports skills.

Through this approach, we aim to give our pupils the confidence and curiosity required to challenge themselves across a wide variety of activities, both in and out of school.

Pupils are encouraged to learn as individuals and within groups, understanding perseverance, commitment and hard work, alongside learning to accept winning and losing with dignity.

We believe it is important for pupils to enjoy physical activity and understand the lifelong benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly there is an emphasis on having fun and giving your best at all times, regardless of the outcome.

Supporting the PE curriculum is an extensive programme of extra-curricular activities, including Cross-Country, Short Tennis, Judo, Try-Rugby, Try Football and Gymnastic Vaulting.



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