Physical Education is an important part of life at Birkdale Prep School. Pupils experience a broad and balanced curriculum designed with boys in mind. Whilst every attempt is made to give boys the opportunity to experience as many sports as possible, the focus of the curriculum remains on enjoyment through physical activity.

Skills such as hopping, jumping, skipping, kicking, throwing, catching and striking are prerequisites to the learning of sport specific skills such as basketball, football, gymnastics, tennis, badminton etc. It is very difficult to obtain proficiency in sport skills unless the prerequisite fundamental skills are present. Predominantly in Prep 1 (Year 3) and continued into Prep 2 (Year 4) boys follow a program of fundamental skill development.

Not only do boys experience performance in a range of physical activities they also learn about academic aspects of Physical Education through the Health Related Fitness (HRF) unit. Boys from Prep 3 (Year 5) onwards learn how their body changes as a result of physical activity, the importance of the heart during physical activity and the benefits of regular exercise. Two specialist PE teachers deliver the curriculum. Facilities on site and at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre are utilised. It is here that the extensive program of Swimming is delivered with the help of a specialist qualified swimming coach.

A programme of house competitions, which all boys are expected to take part in, caters for the competitive nature of boys this age. House Basketball takes place at the end of the Christmas Term, the Swimming Gala during the Easter Term and Sports Day at the end of the Summer Term.

The department offers opportunities outside the curriculum for boys to experience different sports, holding extra curricular clubs in Judo and Short Tennis whilst having excellent links with local clubs, such as Hallamshire Tennis Club, Hallam Cricket Club, Sheffield Arrows Basketball Club and Sheffield Rugby Club.


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