Science develops learning skills needed through life, using evidence to make informed decisions. At the Prep School, we develop scientific ideas, enquiry skills and inquiring minds.

Pupils spend a lot of time carrying out investigations and test many of the ideas they bring to the lessons.

Science is taught in a specialised laboratory for everyone in the Prep department. The subject is taught in half-termly topics. Although the scheme of work is based on the National Curriculum, we regularly go well beyond Key Stage 2. We also have the freedom to pursue ideas in more depth when they arise.


Prep 1 & 2 receive one and a half hours per week and are taught in forms.
Prep 3 & 4 receive two hours per week, weekly homework and an end of unit assessment. Pupils are taught in smaller groups of 16.

Extra Events

  • A Lego workshop which supports the Prep 2 electricity work.
  • Planetarium visits.
  • Science Club is run on a Tuesday after school for boys in Prep 3 and 4.
  • Gardening club runs on Friday, at lunchtime and is open to everyone.
  • Visits from outside speakers to give talks and demonstrations.

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