2 units of coursework worth a total of 60%

The first 2 units run simultaneously and feed each other:

  • The Portfolio Unit
  • Unit of work based on London Galleries visits

Ongoing work in sketchbooks to support the projects, includes research into relevant Artists that related to each material/technique workshop done. Also the analysis of work by others and their own work will be included.

Other supporting studies include:

  • pencil drawings
  • charcoal
  • pastels
  • printmaking (lino and drypoint)
  • small and medium size canvases
  • experiments in collage
  • black and white contextual experiments in texture
  • large still-lifes

The result is 2 large compositions on stretched paper and on a large canvas.

Sketchbooks reveal students’ progress from the very beginning of the course. They show a student’s ability to draw with accuracy, fineness, personality and sensitivity of line.  Students prepare all their own equipment, learning how to stretch paper and do a coloured ground. They put together their own stretchers and stretch and prepare their own canvases. They are expected to understand colour mixing and the appropriate use of materials and adding texture sometimes.  Most of the work including some sketchbook work is mounted and presented by the students themselves.

Externally assessed assignment worth 40%

AQA issue starting points for this unit in the January of the final year at GCSE.

This 10 hour test is linked to the course and much of the preparation work is produced in sketchbooks during the allocated time.

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