In S1 (Year 7) and S2 (Year 8) all boys study Latin for two periods a week. We follow the Cambridge Latin Course. One period is a classroom lesson and the other is held in the ICT suite so that full use can be made of the interactive eCLC and other online resources.

As well as its own language, structure and vocabulary we pay attention to the basis of Latin for English and other modern European languages.

The historical context of Latin is equally important. The setting of Pompeii allows us to explore classical civilisation in a variety of ways, e.g. Roman Comedy. Boys make their own masks and act out a simple comedy.

Other parts of the course are set in Roman Britain and Roman Egypt, which means we can explore how Roman imperial rule affected two very different regions.

The role of the Roman army in Britain is a topic for  study  in greater depth in S3 (Year9).

Classical Greek

S3 (Year 9) pupils can join our Ancient Greek club held at lunchtime. They learn the Greek alphabet and how to read basic Greek idioms. They enjoy the word derivations the English language uses from Greek.


The Classics department tries to take advantage of any opportunities outside of the classroom which involve its subjects. In the past we have:

  • celebrated National Poetry Day
  • had theatre visits
  • been on cinema trips
  • entered competitions run by the Hellenic Society
  • entered stories and essays for the Herculaneum Society Schools’ Competition
  • visited Doncaster Museum for a handling session of archaeological finds in Y8
  • taken part in the Linguistics Olympiad
  • entered the International CICERO competitions

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