Design & Technology

“Design is not just about how something looks – it is about how something works. It is vital that we work towards developing products that work better and last longer. Young people should be encouraged to be creative and make things”. James Dyson

The Design and Technology Department is very well equipped with modern facilities including CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Machining), and is supported by experienced and qualified staff. From the lower school, all boys are taught the main strands of Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, and Systems and Control. ICT is used extensively to design products, model systems and aid production of printed circuit boards. At GCSE and A Level the subject is popular and has excellent results both with regard to academic qualifications gained and regional and national competition successes.

KS3 Classwork

Pupils use most workshop time to develop their ‘designing and making’ skills. A proportion of this time is spent covering the associated theory and homework content. All projects encompass the design principle and encourage pupils to make design decisions, realising these through making. This is followed by them conducting an evaluation of their success.

KS3 Homework

Each pupil has a homework booklet with pages related to their class topic. They are encouraged to complete their homework on the night it is set while information is still fresh in their mind.

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