Geography provides the opportunity to investigate our natural and human environment. Our aim is to develop an awareness of the world in which we live. The Geography curriculum at Birkdale provides a broad knowledge base, it links well with other subjects, it is about real world issues and there are a variety of interesting fieldwork opportunities. For example, we have done fieldwork in Snowdonia, The Lake District, Dorset, Iceland, New York, Grand Canyon and Morocco.


S1 (Y7) Geography Curriculum

Christmas Term

Passport to Geography – Our Planet

Passport to Geography – Maps & Mapping

Passport to Geography – Geography of the UK

Easter Term

Fantastic Features 1 – Rocks

Fantastic Features 1 – Glaciation

Fantastic Features 1 – River Landscapes

Fantastic Features 1 – Flooding

Summer Term

Fieldwork – Burbage Brook Rivers study

Into Africa – The Horn of Africa

Into Africa – A Country investigation

S2 (Y8) Geography Curriculum

Christmas Term

Into the City – Urbanisation around the world

Fieldwork – Sheffield City study

How many people can live on planet Earth? – Population

Easter Term

Fantastic Features 2 – Coastal Landscapes

Weather and Climate

Is our planet getting warmer? – Global Warming

Summer Term

Superpower Geography 1 – China & India

S3 (Y9) Geography Curriculum

Christmas Term

Resources, Development & Conflict

Easter Term

A risky world – Plate Tectonics

A risky world – Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Tsunamis

Summer Term

Superpower Geography 2 – Rising Russia and Brilliant Brazil

Superpower Geography 2 – Magnificent Middle East

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