GCSE Computer Science

The Computer Science department offers iGCSE as an examined subject for students in S4 and S5 as an optional subject. The course follows the CIE syllabus (Cambridge International Examinations – http://www.cie.org.uk/ ), with students sitting two examination papers at the end of the course in the Summer of S5.

The iGCSE is academically very rigorous and challenging, and requires a wide breadth of understanding of computing theory and programming skills. Students are taught the relevant theory through practical, hands-on experience where possible. They are also thoroughly prepared for the ‘Case Study’ pre-release material (supplied each year by the exam board) using not one, but a variety of programming languages. This ensures a deep understanding of the scenario and boosts knowledge of different programming environments and methodologies.

Although not a requirement for A Level Computer Science, this course provides an excellent foundation for those interested in working with computers or going on to further study that involves an element of computing or ICT.

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