We are a strong and committed department, all experts in our field who have a passion for both Mathematics and teaching. In every year group our aim is to foster an understanding and enjoyment of Mathematics in our pupils. We believe this is achieved by setting appropriately challenging work in relevant contexts wherever possible. Regular assessment and consolidation of earlier work helps build confidence in all our pupils.

We run twice weekly Maths clinics at lunch time as a way of further supporting our pupils as well as a puzzles club and enrichment club. The latter leads on to our participation in various local and national competitions where we have had significant successes in recent years – most notably coming 30th in the country in the 2016 UKMT Senior Team Challenge.

Upon entry to the school, boys will be taught in mixed ability groups for the first half term. There will be an assessment around the October half term break and using this, the entrance test and MidYis data the boys will then be set according to their ability. Progress is monitored throughout the year via half termly tests and the regular setting and marking of homework. Calculators are available through the department at cost price. At the end of the year, all boys sit an exam based on all the work covered during the year. Using all of this information, boys are again set according to their ability as they move into year 8. A similar assessment pattern is then followed throughout key stage 3. The core material covered is common to all and is designed to provide a solid foundation for GCSE; indeed much of the work done in year 9 is directly linked to the GCSE specification.

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