A Level Maths

A Level Mathematics builds upon GCSE work and a grade 7 or above is preferred for this course (8 for Further Maths). Students will develop a “mathematical tool kit” for solving problems and will need to follow step by step arguments, work hard and also realise that, unlike at GCSE, there will be questions which cannot be answered straight away. However, it is that challenge and the ultimate sense of achievement when a problem is solved which makes Mathematics such a rewarding and exciting subject at Advanced Level.

We follow the Edexcel Mathematics specification. The course will be assessed via three terminal two hour papers; two will cover the Pure Maths and one will examine Statistics and Mechanics.

Those who have a real passion for Maths can opt to study Further Mathematics as well as the standard Mathematics A Level. This course will be taught in parallel with the regular A level Maths course, taking into account any necessary prerequisite knowledge.

We are extremely proud of the results achieved by our pupils. It is also noteworthy how many pupils go on to take up university offers at top institutions which require grades in Maths, Further Maths or both.

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