The Science Department aims to inspire pupils with awe and wonder at the world through an investigative approach to the Sciences that encourages critical thinking.

In S1-2 (Years 7-8), pupils follow an integrated Science course, usually with one teacher for six periods per week. The course covers all aspects of Science, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The Lower School Science course is designed to help develop the skills required to become an excellent scientist. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are covered across twenty-two exciting topics. The course is extremely hands on with the opportunity for practical work every single week.

Pupils will be taught in mixed ability groups throughout S1. They will be then placed into sets for S2 based upon performance in the end of year exam, as well as the results of topic tests and teacher judgement of their performance in classwork and homework.

Lower School Science Topics

S1 Topics S2 Topics
Working Scientifically Health and Lifestyle
Cells Ecosystem Processes
Structure and Function of Body Systems Adaptation and Inheritance
Reproduction The Periodic Table
Particles and their behaviour Separation Techniques
Elements, Atoms and Compounds Metals and Acids
Reactions The Earth
Acids and Alkalis Electricity and Magnetism
Forces Energy
Sound Motion and Pressure


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