GCSE Chemistry

As a Chemistry department, we want to develop a passion and genuine interest for the subject amongst our pupils. We would hope that students are able to gain an excellent knowledge and understanding of Chemistry and appreciate its role in everyday life.

Importance is attached to the development of how Chemistry works in the world at large as well as in the laboratory. Revealing the molecular complexity of the world around us and its subtle relationships with ourselves and other living organisms gives us a deeper understanding of our place in the grand scheme of things. By studying models of atoms, the properties of simple compounds and the techniques used in chemical analysis, pupils will be able to apply these skills to solve problems in more complex areas of the subject.

GCSE Chemistry

This course is delivered by subject specialists. Pupils are timetabled for 3 periods of Chemistry per week which will include a double period for practical work. New specifications for Science are now in place and our GCSE curriculum for Chemistry mirrors these national changes. The new specification will be taught in part to S3 pupils from September 2016 with a full commitment to the course for S4 pupils from September 2017. This course provides a firm foundation for progression to study A Level Chemistry in the Sixth Form.

Unit contents are given below.

Paper 1 (50% of the overall assessment)– 1hour 45 mins

Fundamental Ideas including Simple Atomic Structure and bonding, quantitative chemistry, chemical changes and energy changes.

Paper 2 (50% of the overall assessment)  – 1 hour 45 mins

Topics include rates of Reaction, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Analysis, Chemistry of the Atmosphere and Using Resources

Practical Work

As a department we encourage students to develop their practical skills. Part of the GCSE course requires to students to carry out and record a number of fixed practical exercises. These will be well documented.

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