Outdoor Education and Pursuits

At Birkdale we believe educational excellence is not limited to the classroom and therefore aim to develop our students in a range of outdoor educational methods. Grounded in research from the Institute for Outdoor Learning we aim to give Birkdale students a rounded educational career that allows them to thrive across a range of settings.

Outdoor education allows us to apply our academic excellence beyond the classroom, delivering our high level curriculum content through experiential learning. Clear examples of this are scientific biodiversity surveys conducted across the school grounds and also creative applications such as poetry and literature readings on the Johnson Lawns.

We believe outdoor pursuits allows us to challenge our students and develop classic team bonding and independent perseverance skills, whilst providing the opportunity for our students to try something new and exciting. Often it is these pursuits that a student will continue throughout their lives and we hope to be a starting point for their future adventures.

Key events and activities:

Climbing for Games: This is a classic Birkdale pursuit and can be attend from S4 onwards as a games option. We spend most of our time roaming the hills of the Peak District climbing a wide range of the Gritstone routes, roped up or with bouldering pads. If the weather is particularly bad we will venture indoors to one of the many Sheffield climbing hubs but more often than not our students would rather be outside.

S3 Camp Adventure Days: This is a two day outdoor extravaganza.

Day1: Outdoor educational activities delivered by Birkdale teaching staff who are inspired to connect their curriculum content with the great outdoors.

Day 2: A mixed outdoor adventure day, experiencing a range of pursuits to develop the rounded student.

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