Reading Week

Now that GCSE examinations are behind you, we hope you now have space to think more about starting your A levels. We are able to provide you with some resources to help you explore the subjects you hope to study in September.

Although we have called it a “Reading Week”, you can engage with these resources at any point over the summer and we hope they provide you with an interesting and inspiring start to you A Level studies.

The materials will, however, help you start thinking about relevant topics and issues for each A Level subject offered at Birkdale. None of the work is essential for starting a course in September so don’t worry if you are waiting until you receive your GCSE results before finalising your choices. However we do strongly encourage you to explore some of the resources to help you acclimatise to the demands of A Level study.

Depending on your subject choices you may be asked to visit a specific website, read a recommended text or complete a set of activities. All materials should be free to access or may incur a small cost, however if you are struggling to access certain materials please do let us know and we will do our best to help.

We hope you find the resources stimulating and thought-provoking; and we look forward to seeing you in September!

Reading Week Subject Booklet (pdf 1,056kb)


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