Birkdale raise money on an annual basis for local and international charities. Over many years the school has successfully raised tens of thousands of pounds for worthy causes.

Birkdale Prep School Charity 2021/22

As a follow up to helping save a little girl from Madagascar called Erica’s life 2 years ago Birkdale Prep School are supporting John and Cath Butlin’s FAMadagascar charity. (John and Cath are Erica’s foster parents).

They are doing great work in one of the poorest countries in the world helping families set up a small business to keep the family together. Alongside that they have worked with the Government to create a foster family service in Madagascar that didn’t exist before the charity formed. Children would otherwise end up in very poor orphanages.

Birkdale Senior School Charity 2021/22

Birkdale Senior School have chosen Golddigger Trust as their school charity. Golddigger Trust is an award-winning charity, working to equip young people with the confidence and skills to make positive choices for themselves. Golddigger Trust is at the forefront of self-esteem work in Sheffield and across the UK, working with thousands of young people through their innovative projects in South Yorkshire and their trained delivery partners across the British Isles.


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