In addition to providing weekly lessons. We also offer numerous extra-curricular activities. A weekly Prep 1 and 2 club and a Prep 3 and 4 club run, which offer a chance to play a variety of games; developing all of the important performing skills using the voice, face and body language. We also try to develop creativity by using improvisation and work towards small performances to share with the rest of the school.

We also work towards a yearly production. This is either a full-length play or musical, which is open to all year groups to take part in. We encourage everyone to prepare a short audition, which we think is another way of developing resilience and confidence.

Another performance opportunity for Prep 4 to be part of is the Birkdale Shakespeare Festival; a cross-school production where Pre-Prep, Prep, Senior and Sixth Form pupils come together perform a selection of Shakespeare plays, monologues and soliloquys.

Our most recent extra-curricular productions have been:

2022 Jungle Book

2019 Johnny and The Bomb

2018 The Wizard of Oz & The Tempest

Our aim is to develop self-confidence, communication skills and teamwork, and above all, to have fun!