Pastoral Care

At Birkdale Prep School it is our aim to make every child feel confident, secure, valued and supported.

The quality of relationships within the school is of paramount importance. The rapport and relationships that children establish with adults and other pupils are central to their experience at the school, developing mutual trust and respect.

Pupils are given small roles of responsibility from the outset and this helps them develop self-confidence and a growing sense of independence.

Through the positive reinforcement of our school principles they understand the part they play in the school community.

As a Christian faith school we are committed to developing the whole person, as they develop interpersonal skills alongside their academic abilities.

Jackie McDermott – Deputy head (Pastoral)

School Principles

  • We treat others as we would have them treat us.
  • We know that we are not perfect and so we say sorry when we get things wrong.
  • We encourage each other in all that we do and forgive each other’s failings.
  • We are truthful and show integrity and humility.
  • We share what we have.
  • We show support for each other by not gossiping, judging or criticising others: we are loyal to each other.
  • We show our respect to everyone by kindness, helpfulness and politeness.
  • We listen to each other and like a family we recognise the needs of each other.
  • We celebrate our diversity and value each person equally.
  • We work together to help each of us to be our best selves.

Circle Time

Circle Time is a form activity which usually takes place weekly during a form period. They explore good citizenship, social skills and about their own and others’ feelings and emotions. Circle Time is also used to explore issues which might arise during the course of a term, such as bullying, reasons for school rules, worries about impending tests or transfer to another school. It is a feature of Circle Time that it can react immediately to issues as they arise in the form or school. Circle Time benefits the individual, the group and the school. There is no doubt that in the years since Circle Time was introduced into the Prep School it has become a favourite part of the week for many pupils.

Induction of New Pupils

New pupils visit their classrooms and meet their new classmates in preparation for starting at the school. They are given a “peer shepherd” to guide them in their new school career.