Rounded Education

At Birkdale we place a strong emphasis on enabling pupils to develop their whole selves, with the help of a broad range of activities that extend far beyond the academic curriculum. Our vision is that each pupil is educated as an individual, including spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development, enabling them to be well-equipped for life.

We achieve this through encouraging each pupil to reflect upon their character, and to play a full part in the school community. Academic and non-academic programmes, including Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and an Enrichment course, are structured to help develop important life skills, to promote the happiness and well-being of all, and to inspire passion to make the world a better place.

Throughout the school we provide a wealth of extra-curricular activities, including a broad offering of sport, music and drama opportunities, with most pupils involved in multiple aspects of these. Regular trips, including both residential and day trips, locally and internationally, encourage insight and enable pupils’ horizons to be broadened in many different ways. Many pupils take part in our full Duke of Edinburgh programme (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

Each individual’s needs are considered carefully, and development is provided through form tutors, the use of pupil-to-pupil mentoring schemes, and additional programmes such as mindfulness courses. Opportunities to develop skills for leadership, teamworking, communication and collaboration are embedded in activities both within and outside the curriculum, as are important wider issues such as equality and diversity, sustainability and mental health.

With an experience tailored to each pupil, Birkdale strives to develop rounded individuals who are prepared for their lives beyond the classroom, ready to participate in and contribute fruitfully to society with independence and confidence.