Student Wellbeing

The welfare of our students is of paramount importance; we recognise that good wellbeing is at the heart of a healthy, happy and successful life. At Birkdale school we aim to support every student with their emotional health and wellbeing.

Our goal in the sixth form is to promote a positive culture around mental health. We facilitate an environment where all students are given dedicated time to talk openly about their wellbeing. We also encourage students to adopt positive strategies to help them to look after their mental health.

We currently provide the following support for sixth form students:

  • Group wellbeing sessions during form time
  • .B mindfulness training
  • Bespoke mental health first aid enrichment classes
  • Wellbeing enrichment lessons
  • Bookable one to one wellbeing coaching
  • Regular wellbeing surveys to identify ongoing student needs

Pastoral support within school

For any students facing specific challenges with their wellbeing, we have a team of staff in school to provide support:

  • Director of Sixth Form – Mrs Parsons
  • Deputy Head and Safeguarding lead – Mr King
  • Heads of Year – Mrs Pickford, Mr M Jones
  • Form Tutors
  • School Counsellor – Marnie Armour-Brown
  • 6th Form Wellbeing Coach – Mrs Birtles
  • School Chaplain – Mr P Jones
  • Matrons – Mrs Munday and Mrs Bloor

External resources

We are also aware that students may find it helpful to access external sources of help. We would suggest that the following websites are a good place to start. Students would be welcome to discuss any of these with any of the pastoral support team listed above.