Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is valued highly at Birkdale and is an important part of our commitment to our core values, offering a warm, caring and supportive environment. Crucial to any school are the friendly staff, pupil and parent relationships.

Pupils are aware that they have easy access to their Form Tutors through daily contact at registration which allows close relationships between tutor and pupil to develop. This is further supported by the relevant Head of Section. These are:

Head of Lower School – Mr Howard Parker

Head of Middle School – Mr Matthew Morton

Director of Sixth Form – Mrs Helen Parsons

Each look after the welfare of the pupils. Tutors take a keen interest in the curricular and extra-curricular progress of their tutees. Problems are dealt with quickly and effectively in a caring and supportive way.

The House System

Each pupil is allocated to one of four Houses, each named after a former Head Master. Through the House system, pupils learn the value of working together and contributing to the wider community of Birkdale School. There are plenty of opportunities for each pupil to participate in friendly competition within the school and to take on new challenges as part of their own development within Birkdale. We believe that such care is the key to our pupils becoming successful, balanced and well-rounded young adults. Our aim when pupils leave Birkdale is for each to have developed their potential as individuals, to have grown in confidence, maturity and wisdom and to be better equipped to face life beyond school as independent young people.

Mr Phil King – Deputy Head (Pastoral)