Welcome to Senior School

At age 11, pupils from Birkdale Prep School are joined by children from many different schools. A welcoming environment, tailored to the needs of the individual, allows all our pupils to settle in quickly, make new friends and enjoy their days at school.

Pupils also join us at other stages of their academic careers and we occasionally have places available in Year 9 (S3) and Year 10 (S4).

Small classes, expert teaching and a happy and aspirational environment allow our pupils to learn effectively and achieve highly; typically around two-thirds of all GCSE grades were A* or A. A large number of extra-curricular activities in sport, music, drama and many other pastimes enrich the students’ lives and provide opportunities to develop new skills. Birkdale places great emphasis on encouraging high standards of behaviour, thought and care for others and positive relationships between all members of the school community.

High academic expectations, huge breadth of activity and outstanding pastoral care for the individual are all rooted in our strong Christian ethos and characterise the education that we offer to pupils of all ages.

Mr Peter Harris – Head