Middle School

The Middle School consists of Years 9-11 (S3-S5) and forms the isthmus between the Lower School and the Sixth Form. The pastoral unit contains three forms in each year group. Form Tutors see their tutees each morning for registration and once a week for a Form Period. The Tutors stay with their form and provide the essential continuity of care during this important period of development. Overseeing the whole process is myself, Matthew Morton as Head of Middle School and Emma Magenty as Assistant Head of Middle School.

There is obviously an increasing emphasis upon GCSE during this stage. However there remains a crucial focus upon educating the whole person. We encourage each individual to be involved in a range of extra curricular activities including music, sport and drama. There are many opportunities to take part in expeditions and trips both in this country and abroad. The outdoor pursuits programme gains momentum. All boys in S3 take part in the S3 camp near Hathersage and are encouraged to start the D of E Bronze Award. In S4 we take the whole year group to North Wales for a week of “character building” activities. In S5 boys begin to have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in the wider school and within the year group.

Great care is taken to provide opportunities for each individual to think through their immediate options (for GCSE in S3 and A Levels in S5) and their longer term choices of university and career. We can thus ensure a smooth transition into the Sixth Form.

Matthew Morton
Head of Middle School

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