GCSE Results 2023

13 of our pupils achieved 8 or more of the very top grades (8 or 9) while Duncan achieved a 9 for every single exam taken. Meanwhile, five of our subjects celebrated seven in ten results being all grades 7, 8 and 9.

Our pupils achieve consistently excellent results across the full range of 22 subjects that are available to study. In our 2023 cohort, over 80% of our pupils chose to study 10 different GCSE subjects enabling them to fully explore their wide range of passions and interests. Pupils then move on to study 4 subjects from a total of 28 A levels on offer at Birkdale Sixth Form.

Peter Harris, Head of Birkdale School, said:

“These GCSE results are the result of years of hard work during a hugely challenging period for all of us, and especially young people. Each and every one should be delighted with their efforts and achievements, and I say thank you to all those who have supported them – from families and friends to teachers and school staff.

“I look forward to seeing many of those who have received their results back at Birkdale for their A Level studies in the weeks and months ahead, and wish everyone well for the future whatever comes next.”

GCSE Grades 2023

Grades 2023 2023 National Average
9 19 5
9/8 37 12
9-7 55 22
9-6 75 36