Christian Ethos at Birkdale School

Visitors to Birkdale often comment on the friendly environment and the warmth of the relationships between staff and pupils.  We believe that all members of the school community have God-given gifts to be identified and developed.  Our wide range of academic and extra-curricular activities encourages pupils to identify their gifts and to develop these to the highest possible standards.  Alongside this pursuit of excellence, pupils are also encouraged to develop and refine their moral judgement in order to mature into adults equipped to make wise decisions for life.

Birkdale is unashamedly a Christian School which warmly welcomes pupils of all faiths and none.  We believe that pupils should have the opportunity to develop spiritually: to reflect on the big questions of life and to consider the person and claims of Jesus Christ.  From its earliest days, the school has been established on an evangelical Christian foundation, based on the authority of the Bible and the teaching of the Christian message of good news, and these continue to be essential to the school’s identity today.

The Christian faith is therefore evident in the life of the school community through the governors’ oversight, the senior leadership, a clear Christian witness from within the staff, and through every aspect of the school’s culture, including the safe environment in which pupils can explore matters of faith.

To this end:

  • all the governors are united by a simple creed or statement of belief, representing some of the basic Christian truth drawn from the Bible
  • we aspire for Birkdale to be a supportive community where pupils of all views feel welcomed and loved, where Christianity can be explored, and where Christians are encouraged to grow and live out their faith
  • the school actively promotes and expects all staff and pupils to live by the school’s values; and
  • Christian chaplaincy plays a vital role in the day-to-day life and running of the school.

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