Application to join the Sixth Form

Personal details:

GCSE subjects

Please enter all the GCSE subjects that you are studying, together with the grade you achieved in your mock examinations. If you have not yet taken mock examinations, please enter the grade you expect to achieve in your GCSE. If you have already achieved any GCSE qualifications, please indicate this by the subject name and enter the grade achieved.





A level subject choice

Please enter the A level subjects that you wish to study at Birkdale in order of preference. Final decisions on subject choice will not be confirmed until after GCSE results in August. Please enter at least three subjects. If you would like the opportunity to start an additional subject in September before deciding which three to continue to A level, please enter four subjects.


Reasons for subject choice

Indicate why you have chosen your A level subjects

Career/Higher Education aspirations

What, if any, career or Higher Education aspirations do you have?

Extra-curricular activities

Give details of any extra curricular activities (music/sport/drama etc) that you have been involved in at your current school.

Life in the Sixth Form

What attracts you about Sixth Form life at Birkdale? In what ways do you hope to benefit from life in the Sixth Form?