On Friday 1st December, five fantastic young people decided to go for a stroll.

It only happened to be the coldest week of winter so far (sub zero temperatures), 21.3km distance and…at night! I think we are often at risk, at Birkdale (me included), of not fully appreciating how phenomenal our community is; these five young people, with a family support team, undertook what many would regard as a very serious night hike, to help raise money for RNV Nepal. A whopping £585 so far, you can still give to this great effort by following this link https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/nepalnightwalk?utm_term=KrgrYEkWb

Their route weaved from Norton, south Sheffield area, across to Lodge Moor, in the east. A good distance and with Sheffield’s fairly comprehensive topography there were a few hills along the way. The group will make light of the challenges, with a typical shrug of the shoulders or a casual “It wasn’t that cold”, but the conditions were tough, iced up roads and paths, freezing temperatures and the challenge of being out at night. I am, as ever with this group, amazed at what they have achieved and proud of their positive contribution to society. It is not the first time this group has given up their time for a good cause and I imagine it won’t be the last.

If anyone has any idea how to get Dan J J (the one in just a t-shirt in one of the pictures), to wear a jacket in cold weather please let me know.

Three of this group are going to Nepal this year and have dedicated their fundraising to this cause.

A huge thanks to; Dan G J, Dan J J, Peter C, Will J and Indy B. A super team!

Mr Watchman – Head of Outdoor Education