Academic Excellence

At Birkdale Prep School we are committed to giving pupils a secure and happy environment in which to thrive, recognising that each child is unique, and helping each individual strive towards the best that they can be in every area. Individual academic progress is monitored carefully and regularly reported and discussed with parents.

During the time a child spends at the Prep School their individual academic progress will be regularly assessed and the results of these will be reported and discussed with parents. These assessments, predominantly in Maths and English, will become more frequent towards the end of Key Stage 1 and during Key Stage 2. These results are also augmented by regular reports and grades being sent home. Grades enable us to work closely with parents in setting individual academic targets and provide parents with a summary of progress. Assessments results are bench marked with national results and Birkdale averages.

Face to face communication and discussion about individual academic progress is by far the most beneficial medium and we work closely with parents to ensure the highest possible levels of communication.