Christian Ethos

Christian beliefs and values underpin our approach to pastoral care and to developing the gifts and characters of our pupils.

We believe that all the members of our school community are made in the image of God and should be respected. This leads directly to high expectations for how students will treat one another and an emphasis on service to others and to the wider community. Visitors to Birkdale often comment on the friendly environment and the warmth of the relationships between staff and pupils. The Senior School Chaplain is Mr. Paul Jones and the role is shared around various members of staff at the Prep School.

We believe that all members of the school community have God-given gifts to be identified and developed. A huge range of academic and extra-curricular activities encourage our pupils to find their gifts and our commitment to the pursuit of excellence helps them to hone their talents to reach the highest possible standards.

We believe that pupils should have the opportunity to develop spiritually, to reflect on the big questions of life and to refine their moral judgement in order to make wise decisions. Many members of staff take assemblies which usually feature a hymn, a Bible reading and a thought provoking message. We also celebrate major Christian festivals together as a school community, such as Harvest or Christmas. The Prep School also has a Christian Union where pupils who wish to can meet to be encouraged in their faith.

We welcome pupils of all faiths and none.

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