Over half term 31 pupils (13 S2 and 18 S3) visited Isla, to the west of Santander in Cantabria, Spain.

The visit lasted five days and the pupils experienced a real flavour of the area and a range of experiences from the beachside Magdalena Park in Santander itself, the medieval village of Santillana del Mar, pre-historic caves and a wildlife reserve.

Linguistic activities included buying of fruit, drinks and ice-creams, two town trails as well as regular work on diaries throughout the stay. They were blessed with mostly excellent weather were able to play games on the beach in the early evenings or even paddle in the sea. After the evening meal, pupils were given time to complete diaries as well as various other competitions and quizzes.

By the end of the stay, the pupils had gained so much both linguistically and culturally and their completed diaries reflect this. Staff were encouraged by their willingness to come out of their comfort zone and speak Spanish throughout the trip.

All in all, the visit was greatly enjoyed by the pupils.  We were pleased to be complimented by various members of the public with regards to pupil behaviour. Indeed, the staff team felt that everyone had been extremely well-behaved and responsive throughout the trip.  They  were a credit to the school and to their families.