Birkdale’s pupils celebrate best results in three years – despite impact of pandemic

Despite the huge challenges of studying for GCSEs during a pandemic, pupils at Sheffield’s Birkdale School are celebrating the best set of results in three years – exceeding the last set of grades from examinations in 2019 and the centre assessed grades of 2020 and 2021.

Three in ten results (30%) were at the highest possible grade 9 with nearly half (48%) at the top two grades, 8 and 9, with two-thirds (66%) at 7 and above.

Across the School there have been stories of individual success, with one in ten pupils achieving an entire set of results at grade 9.

While 15 departments had over half of pupils receiving results at the top two grades – 9 and 8.

Peter Harris, Birkdale School Head, said:

“Congratulations to our pupils on an excellent set of GCSE results across the school which have been achieved despite the extremely difficult circumstances faced over the past two and a half years.

“The achievements show the fortitude and resilience of our pupils, the innovation of our teachers and staff, and the support of our wider family in limiting as much as possible the impact of the pandemic on their education.

“It is clear the hard work everyone in the Birkdale family put in when schools closed and lockdowns began has made a huge difference – from investing in our online learning provision, to supporting our children’s health and wellbeing, to bringing our community together in innovative ways at a time when we were forced apart.

“I would have been proud of those efforts whatever today’s results had shown, but for them to positively reflect the commitment and energy is hugely welcome.”