On 15th September, 20 Upper 6th Physics students and 4 teachers set off on a trip to Geneva, Switzerland for four days. This trip was very special as it was our first post covid international trip. There were a myriad of memorable experiences shared in Geneva. One of the key features being the factual knowledge gained in CERN from the ATLAS building, and the Globe Of Science and Innovation. We also had the exciting opportunity of meeting a Sheffield University PhD student who discussed with us the multiple research projects he is involved in at CERN.

The trip also enriched us in Swiss culture and cuisine. It didn’t take much for our cohort to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy as much Fondue as Physics.

We were thoroughly impressed by the guided tour of the UN headquarters and the Red Cross Museum. As well as seeing one of the few most important ethnographic museums in Switzerland. The boat trip across Lake Geneva and walking to the Jet d’Eau, gave us plenty of touristy moments we won’t forget. And thanks to Miss Dul’s linguistic skills the group were able to order 20 ice creams in all the Swiss flavours.

All in all this was a very well organised trip and the teachers were brilliant. The trip went without a hitch thanks to Mr Clifford’s exceptional organisation skills.

I think we all will remember the trip for the rest of our lives and I would highly recommend this trip to any future boys and girls doing physics!

Written by Jannah, U6P